Welcome to Patient History Helper

  • Pre-made online history forms addressing your client’s medical history, development, schooling, etc.
  • Client answers are automatically written into clear sentences you can paste directly into a word document.
  • You can customize a questionnaire or add your own questions.

How online history forms can help you

If you write reports that include a client’s history, you know how long it takes to collect and summarize their information. You know how inefficient it is retyping the answers from hand written questionnaires. You know how easy it is to waste precious face-to-face time going over details that turn out to be irrelevant.

Imagine the time you’d save if you could gather a client’s answers in a digital format that you could copy and paste into your report. Imagine if those answers could be automatically rewritten as clinical report content — in the right order, in coherent flowing sentences — with their most important answers color-coded, so you can quickly see where to spend time during your assessment.

Patient History Helper forms do all this and much, much more. Using online questionnaires and automated reporting software, they cut out all the repetitious tasks in the process. The result is a quality history, collected and summarized in a quarter of the time with the most important points already highlighted a?? leaving you to focus on high-value, direct interactions with your client.