Online Form Benefits

Highly efficient

Avoid any retyping — The forms capture your client’s responses in a highly usable format. No more rekeying or struggling with reading a client’s handwriting!

Get a head start on your final report — Your client’s answers are automatically formatted into a professional, easy to read format. Once pasted into a word processing document, you can edit this text as required. Up to a third of your report is already in a close to final format!

Grasp the salient details in seconds — Any atypical information is color coded for faster review. You save time during the assessment, without sacrificing quality.

Rigorous information gathering

Intelligent — Your forms will automatically customize themselves to a client’s gender and age and ask for further details when a client says there has been some type of issue/difficulty.

Tailored — You can select forms of various length and detail, depending on your needs.

Thorough — Clients cannot skip important questions — the system will not allow them to submit the form unless every question is answered.

Simple and user friendly

Personalized — You receive dedicated links for each of your history forms, which you can email to clients or have on your web page. You can also personalize client greetings or confirmation statements at the beginning and end of the online process. You can even create your own questions and custom forms.

Easy — All your clients need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection. They can complete the forms well before their appointment, giving them time to find information and think about their answers.

Bi-lingual — Spanish editions of all forms will soon be available at no extra cost, with answers automatically translated into English.

Secure and confidential

For you — All data transfers are conducted through HIPAA compliant secure/encrypted (https) connections/websites. We will not share your contact information with any other individual or company. We do not store your credit card information. Your account and your clients’ access points are password protected and controlled by you.

For your clients — Your clients’ answers are transmitted by a secure and encrypted connection to our server. Their completed forms are stored on our secure website where. ONLY YOU and those authorized by you have access to the client information/forms. They will never be shared with any other entity.