Q & A

Is this site and data secure/HIPAA compliant?

Yes! All digitally transmitted data is encrypted and/or requires a special username and password to be accessed.

Security for your clients:  When your clients are filling out forms online, their connection to our server is in an encrypted and secure https and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) format. The server the data is stored on is also secured/encrypted. Their data can only be accessed by you, using your username and password, and McCray Psychological Services, Inc. (the creator and owner of this website).  McCray Psychological Services, Inc. is considered a “Business Associate” of yours for purposes of HIPAA compliance and our access and use of Client Data is governed by HIPAA and set forth in the Terms of Use and Online Purchase Agreement, which can be found here.

Recipients of Form Notifications: It is extremely important you ensure that any email accounts these notifications are sent to can only be accessed by people who have the legal right to do so and that client confidentiality be maintained in a manner consistent with your professional and state mandates.  McCray Psychological Services, Inc. is not responsible for any unauthorized access or dissemination by the individuals that you designate as authorized recipients of Form Notifications

Security for you:  You will have password protected access to the membership section of our website, where you will be able to manage your account. This will include the ability to: change your password, create your client’s password, access client forms completed within the last 90 days, check how many forms you have left, and order more forms.

You will also have a dedicated URL (website) address to give to your clients so they can access and complete your forms. You may want to post this address on your website or business cards. The address will be password protected to prevent unauthorized people or spam-bots from filling out your forms.

  • Never share your Sign In password to the membership section with anyone who should not legally or ethically have access to your client’s information.
  • Choose a different password for client access to your online forms.
  • Only share this password with your clients, as you will be charged for each completed form.
  • Change your passwords regularly.

Your credit card will be processed by a merchant (2Checkout) and will NOT be kept on file for security purposes.

ONLY YOU have access to the client information/forms. They will never be shared with any other entity.

What types of computers and programs do I or my clients need?

To fill out the online form:  Your clients will need:

  • Any type of computer or tablet – Windows or Apple
  • An internet connection – they must have an internet connection the entire time they are completing the form, they cannot download it and complete it off-line
  • Any internet browser – such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari

We do not recommend completing the form on a cellphone due to its small screen and difficulty typing in responses.

To access your account and see completed forms:  You can access your account from any computer with an internet connection, using almost any internet browser.  However, you may find that some browsers format the report’s spacing and font type or size in different ways. In this case, the report may require additional formatting once copied into a Microsoft Word document. We recommend Internet Explorer or Firefox to avoid this issue.

You do not have to download any special programs to see the completed forms.

To copy and paste emailed reports:  You must copy and paste the report from our membership page to Microsoft Word™. Various programs will interpret the reports slightly differently, so the pasted text may require some formatting in terms of its spacing, margins or text sizes.

What happens if I run out of forms ?

If a client tries to fill out the online form when you have none remaining, they will receive the following message after entering their password: “NO MORE FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.  PLEASE NOTIFY THE PERSON WHO GAVE YOU THIS LINK.”

You may purchase more forms at any time and find out how many forms you have left in the membership section of our website under the “Form Access” tab.  Even if you are out of forms, your account will remain open for up to two years.

To minimize the chance of running out of forms, you will receive an email notification when you have the following amounts remaining:  51, 21, 11, 5, 2, 0.

You can also choose to receive monthly updates about the number of forms completed over the past month and the number remaining within the membership section of our website under the “Account Settings” tab.

Why are there three different colored texts in the report?

Answers are color coded to help you review them. You can immediately see responses you may want to address or enquire about further, ‘normal’ responses and areas where you may need to add some commentary.

Color indications

  • BLUE text – a potential problem (such as complications with pregnancy) or an unusual response.
  • BLACK text – no significant issue.
  • GREEN text – areas you may wish to fill in yourself (such as creating a topic sentence that summarizes the client’s overall health history).

Do I need to retype this report or the client’s answers?

You should be able to copy and paste the report summaries, including the client’s answers, straight into your report. They are written in the pyramid style, with summary information at the beginning rather than buried within long paragraphs, which is well accepted by most professionals and organizations.

However, you will have to review the client’s responses and address any unusual or problematic issues. Also, although most client responses will have been transformed into clear-flowing sentences, with appropriately integrated quotes, you may have to edit some responses if they are very unusual or unclear.

Will I be charged if a client fails to complete the form properly?

No. Forms are only counted or credited to your account when a client completes and submits them. Forms cannot be submitted unless they are fully completed.

While there are no set refund policies for minor technical errors, please feel free to contact us with any concerns.

What ages are these forms intended for?

Questions focus on historical facts from birth to approximately 18 years of age (or whenever a client graduated from high school).  At this time there are no questions about a client’s college, career or legal issues.  If you would like these type of questions included in the form, please let us know and we can add them in the future.

Can I edit the questions or create my own special questionnaire?

Yes!  You can choose any of the questions you like from the extended form to create your own questionnaire by clicking here and even create completely new questions by clicking here.  The cost to do this will depend on the number and nature of the question(s), the amount of programming required, and amount of forms you purchase.  Please fill out the custom form or custom question page and/or contact us to discuss your needs, so we can provide you with an estimate.  (If we incorporate your new question into our other forms then you will not be charged for its creation and may receive bonus credits!)

What is your refund and privacy policy?

McCray Psychological Services, Inc. (Provider) of this service is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals.  Specifically, no information about any member of this service (Purchaser) will be shared with any third party, unless obligated to do so by a court of law.  No contact information will be sold or shared with any other agency.  Only employees and contractors of the Provider will have access to the Purchaser’s contact information which will only be used for billing and technical support issues.

Purchasers have the option to receive, or not receive, emails with “usage tips,” a “monthly report” regarding the number of forms used, or promotional emails from the Provider (such as discounted form fees or free forms for referring a friend).  This option is provided within the Purchaser’s account page.

No Purchaser will be given access to any other member’s information by the Provider.  Purchasers should not share their account information (such as their password) with any other member or individual that does not have the legal right to access their account or view the information within it.

The Purchaser is obligated to uphold the laws and ethics of each Purchaser’s state, professional board, ethics committee, etc.  For example, some of the client’s responses to the questionnaire may need to be edited by the Purchaser to protect confidential information. Purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring that the individuals that it designates as persons authorized to receive Form Notifications are legally authorized to access and review such information.

The Purchaser must agree to the Terms of Use and Online Purchase Agreement provided within the membership section prior to purchasing any forms.

All purchased forms are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Forms may be given to a Purchaser or sold solely at the discretion of the Provider.

Provider may access and review Data provided in the Questionnaires and is authorized to share such information with Purchaser, who provided the link and password to Client to complete the Questionnaire, but Provider shall not disclose or disseminate such information to any other persons or entities. Provider agrees to comply with the provisions of HIPAA in all respects in its role as a “Business Associate” of Purchaser, as that term is defined by HIPAA.