The following introductory prices cover all Types of Forms and their automated reports. You pay the same amount for extended, standard or short forms.

    1 form = $8
    5 forms = $35 ($7 per history = save $5)
    10 forms = $60 ($6 per history = save $20)
    20 forms = $100 ($5 per history = save $60)
    40 forms = $160 ($4 per history = save $320)
    80 forms = $240 ($3 per history = save $640)

How to add forms to your account:  

  • Once you’ve created your free account and signed in, you can purchase forms for your account under the “Form Access” tab.  A form will only be counted or credited as complete when the client has answered all questions and submitted the report.
  • Purchased forms do not expire for 2 years.  (Client responses are deleted after 90 days.)
  • There are no hidden fees.  All costs are listed on this page.

Custom Forms:  You can create your own form by:

The cost to do this will depend on the number and nature of the question(s), the amount of programming required, and amount of forms you purchase to use.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, so we can provide you with an estimate.

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