How it Works

How to gather critical information about a patient’s history quickly and easily.

  1. Create your free account with us. — Just sign in!
    You will be asked to create a password to access your account and a different password to give your clients access to your forms. When you’re logged into your account, you will be able to: change your passwords, access any client forms completed in the last 90 days, find your personalized form links, check how many forms you have left, and order more forms.
  2. Purchase any number of forms — you can start with just one.
    Your first form is free. The more you buy, the lower the unit cost. We notify you when you’re running low on forms. You can top up your account with more forms at any time.
  3. Send your personalized form link and password to your clients.
  4. Receive an email notification as soon as a form has been completed.
  5. Access our secure website with your username and password to retrieve the completed form.
  6. Copy and paste the completed form into a Word document.
  7. Review your client’s answers and edit the document to suit your needs.